Fix & Play



In the fashion industry, the term ÔÇťsecond qualityÔÇŁ refers to retail products that fail to meet quality control standards during manufacturing. These products are set aside, even though they might have small defects which the naked eye cannot notice. Second-quality products are becoming more and more common around the world, yet most fast fashion brands destroy any products with the slightest fault in order not to compromise the brands perception of perfection. This in turn produces an insurmountable amount of waste while feeding the culture of excessive consumption.


The WWF Market Fix & Play Store you are in now offers a new solution for these products that would otherwise be discarded. Instead of pursuing a sterile and artificial perfection, this store celebrates one of a kind imperfections and offers a unique space for experience where no two products are alike.

"What exactly is this experience?" The answer to the question is hidden in the two words that give the store its name.


Fix: This store features second-quality products that you can help to repair. Creating a lifecycle for these products rather than destroying them reduces environmental impact by discouraging overproduction and consumption. Want to fulfill your responsibility to nature by standing against the destruction of millions of second quality clothes? Join us at our makers table. Here you can find ways to be more sustainable by discovering different repair techniques to make your store-bought products one of a kind!


Play: From now on you are in a game. It's time to unleash your imagination and motivation to change the world, and meet like-minded creative spirits! We want to see you among us as we make this playground more fun and instructive with a variety of workshops and activities. Browse our products, discover how you can make them unique and have fun!