Sugar Glider Case

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Sugar Glider Case

48.00 ₺ 36.00 ₺ 
Brushed, premium fabric, heavy weight cotton, embroidered and relax-fit organic t-shirt
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Made in accordance with OEKO-TEX standard that ensures there are no use of chemicals harmful to human and environment in the making of the fabric. Water-based, ecological print technique is applied.

Fair Trade

Manufactured in ateliers where child labour is strictly prohibited, discrimination not allowed, regular employment policies are applied and fundamental working rights are met as outlined by ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative).

Sugar glider

Sugar gliders, living mostly in tropical and temperate forests in Australia and Indonesia, are known for their ability to slide long distances. They can easily glide through the air as they can use their thin skin between their backs and fingers as wings. These little creatures feed with nectar and pollen, see very well at night thanks to their big black eyes. Their numbers are decreasing due to other wild animals, forest fires and the creation of new agricultural areas. 

100% GOTS certified organic cotton
USB License Number for Organic Certificate: USB TEX2907
FSC certified paper tag
Made in Turkey.
Wash less for the environment.
Don't bleach or tumble dry.
Wash at 30°C and reverse iron.

En: 25 cm
Boy: 18 cm

Sugar glider
 Petaurus breviceps

Çoğunlukla Avustralya ve Endonezya’da tropikal ve ılıman ormanlarda yaşayan şeker planörleri uzun mesafeleri kayarak gidebilmeleri ile bilinirler. Sırtları ve parmakları arasındaki ince deriyi kanat olarak kullanabildikleri için rahatça havada süzülebilirler. Nektar ve polen ile beslenen bu minik canlılar büyük siyah gözleri sayesinde geceleri çok iyi görürler. Sayıları diğer yabani hayvanlar, orman yangınları, ve yeni tarım alanlarının oluşturulması sebebiyle azalmaktadır.

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Sugar Glider Case

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